Adam is Gay Did You Know Adam is Gay?!

Looking up Dungeon World shit now that I got Apocalypse World out of the way finally. Man oh man I think Adam might be more of a pretentious narcissist than even Zak if you can believe it!  One thing I noticed is that in almost all of his social media bios he for some reason just HAS to make it very, VERY clear that he’s a faggot. You know assuming you couldn’t tell just by looking at the fucker. He’s just GOTTA make sure you know because it’s the current year and as ALL the good woke and DEFINITELY not sexually harassing child molesting male allies know really the most important thing if not the ONLY thing you need to know about someone is their sexuality.

And pronouns. Don’t forget the pronouns!

And he cares about you. I mean as long as you’re a brown gay tranny. And nihilism. Which is odd because he’s such a desperate attention whore.

Just look at him. He looks like a fucking parody. There’s this cartoon of an angry hipster that I swear to fucking god he must have looked at and decided to copy because he thought it wasn’t “mainstream” and he’d stand out and people would finally pay attention to him but all I end up with are OTHER hipsters that surprise surprise had the same stupid fucking idea. I did find this one though:

It’s fucking UNCANNY.

There was an article that came out in February, about the “hipster effect” and how self-described anti-conformists always end up looking the same. And then this guy got all butthurt and threatened to sue because he thought they were using a picture of him, but turns out it was a COMPLETELY different guy that looked exactly like him and whoops he just proved their fucking point.

I wonder if Adam realizes that in his quest to grossly over-compensate for his complete lack of a personality, that he just looks like every ever gay hipster with feminist problem glasses and hockey pucks in their ears and a mental-illness haircut? Maybe he’s trying to make up for the fact that his only VERY much dated claim to what he considers to be fame is co-finishing someone else’s shitty hack of an equally shitty game?

I also wonder whether Rola Iniciativa couldn’t find someone with, well, not more qualifications but ANY qualifications. At ALL. This isn’t scraping the bottom of the barrel, it’s scraping the bottom of the cesspool BENEATH the barrels that formed out of all the shit that seeped out of them.

22 Replies to “Adam is Gay Did You Know Adam is Gay?!”

      1. Not really. I can think of a bunch of shitty ones. But then Rules Cyclopedia has a bunch of monsters anyway and I think it would be easy enough to fill in any gaps you might need. DCC could stand to use more (a lot more really). If you’re talking monster-only book then 2nd Edition MM.

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  1. I don’t give a shit if he’s gay but he looks like an asshole and sounds like an asshole so I assume he’s an asshole. More than likely, proclaiming he takes it in the ass and sucks dick is a way to deflect criticism. The classic “you hate gays and trannies if you say anything bad about me” routine. Or, as we call it noW, the Democratic Party.


    1. Oh yeah I’m sure that’s another part of it. Like if you don’t like something a woman does you’re OBVIOUSLY a misogynist (whatever that means anymore) whether or not not liking something has anything to do with women.


  2. A few years ago I almost convinced myself that I liked Dungeon World. I was getting back into RPG and was anxious to see what the hot new thing was. I even gave Fiasco a spin (damn you Will Wheaton!) . Boy did I get my “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment.


      1. People do it and it goes like this:
        >Youtuber plays DW or derivative of it online.
        >people see them do it and say “damn that looks fun.”
        > people buy it and never play it or don’t know how to.
        > sage and Adam get money.

        I will say this, I think there’s one derivative game that’s okay but still hot garbage (world wide wrestling.) because the WWE isn’t getting any more money than I already gave them. But at that point, with how crap the base rules are, you might as well just talk about wrestling and have fun with a few beers while doing it. Plus it’s the only time I wished instead of hiring an artist they just took pictures of people dressed like wrestlers for the play books and stuff.


      1. Joss wheaton sucks. His writing is like zacks art. Praised to the moon for no apparent reason. All shit. Fuck, has he ever heard people speak? I assume he’s deaf and his dialogue is his best guess at how conversations go?


  3. It’s weird, all the gay people I know in real life look like regular people. So why do gay people on the internet all look like those hideous Treasure Troll dolls?


    1. They want attention and since they have no fucking personality beyond being gay they want everyone to see that and hope that it compensates for the aforementioned lack of a personality. Adam has nothing going on but CRAVES attention so there you go. He hopes it’ll fill the void in his life but it won’t. Never does and eventually people will latch on to the next gay attention whore and he’ll have less than he already does.


    2. Because normal gays are normal people. Online attention whores half the time are “gay” or “tranny” because it’s hip to pretend that now. Someday they’ll grow up and get normal haircuts unless they get the fame and attention they’re trying so hard to get. Didnt Zacky Farms Sabbat suck dicks in porno or some shit just to get attention because who the fuck would look at his shitty art if he wasnt “transgressive” or some shit with a mental tard haircut.


    1. Maybe not. Im still rooting for Zachery to get back to his “porn actor” roots and suck a lotta dicks for cash. That should prove (1) he’s not anti-homo, (2) hes “progressive” and knows boys and girls are just the same! (3) please please let me back in to the RPG bizness! I’ll suck you off too! (4) but nobody buys my “art” even though i brag about what it sells for (5) no really i like in a shit apartment in a shit neighborhood because im “edgy” not because im poor (6) no its awesome to have drug addicts, bums, and muggers rattling around all day and night (7) if i suck their dicks does that get me back in the sjw club? (8) what if they’re black? Will that do it? Black trannies? What does it take to get back in the club? Black seed in my anus? Ill do it.


      1. Has anyone EVER gotten back in the club? I think it would only be possible for those cast out to band together. Which isn’t an impossible task given that SJWs are constantly throwing each other under the bus. The circle of their lives.


    2. After being subjected to Dungeon World it was going to happen sooner or later. Saga Latorra is also a twat just not as insufferable because last I saw he just kinda looks like a drug-addled discount version of Ryan Gosling.


      1. Ryan gosling is such a shitty actor and looks like a fucking weasel. Or is that ryan reynolds? They both suck and look like weasels.


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