So Deebs is Desperately Begging For Votes

Forbidden Lands is grossly overhyped trash and I barely know anything about Runequest but in either case they’re MILES above Crap Hack because they both look like the designers actually gave a flying fuck about what they were doing, and didn’t pretend to need a Kickstarter JUST to squeeze out a quarterassed joke of a game in the end.

The people that pretend to like Crap Hack are ONLY doing it because it further justifies their own lazy efforts, their shitty hacks where there’s barely anything changed and they can overcharge for it after ALSO pretending to need a Kickstarter to publish all of twenty or so pages of shit. You know same reason some lazy indie hipster faggots pretend to care about Knave and Maze Rats and Indie Hack and Apocalypse World.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut I’m actually hoping it wins if for no other reason than to reinforce the fact that game awards are fucking meaningless, barely a step above a high school popularity contest by losers that think it means anything, just like the Ennies and Deebo’s entire existence and imagined game designer career. There’s a reason the sack of shit has to virtue signal all the time for attention.

10 Replies to “So Deebs is Desperately Begging For Votes”

  1. So I just read the hack page and i’m kinda confused about the product.
    Does he start a Kickstarter when he makes changes to his rules; why doesn’t he polish everything off in the beginning?

    If so, why is it being nominated? The other two are finished products, hell, if the Runequest is the same one i’m thinking of then its on its 6th edition already.


    1. So far yeah. He did a pretend Kickstarter years ago, tricking dumbasses into thinking he needed funding to publish a 20-page “game” with no art or production values of note and then did it AGAIN more recently, upping the page count to like 140 but barely changing anything except adding useless blank maps and character sheets. He just cares about attention and money like pretty much everyone I review here.

      As for WHY it’s being nominated I’m guessing he knows someone running the awards. It’s the only way these indie hacks can win, but just proves how meaningless the awards are anyway.


  2. Idea: Copy The Black Hack, word for word, maybe change the formatting/wording around to skirt around outright plagiarism, and release it into the wild to see how many retards throw money at it.


    1. It won’t because it doesn’t sell due to quality. It’s Deebo virtual signaling and pretending to care about people and lazy fucks being able to “hack” it into other shitty games or attention whores like Questing Bitch can review for desperately needed clicks. Positively of course because you’re “supposed” to say nice things about it and it’s ALL about attention and money anyway.


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