A LOT (we’re talking like 99.9repeatingFOREVER%) of RPG stuff sucks (even the stuff by big companies with a staff and budget and everything) but people don’t say it BECAUSE:

  • They think you should ONLY EVER say nice things even about bad things.
  • They’re friends with the guy (either in real life or online and/or maybe think the guy can boost the signal for their crappy game shit later).
  • They’re afraid that the guy and/or the guy’s friends will harass them/try to ruin their life.
  • (If you make your own game things) They’re afraid the guy and/or the guy’s friends will lie about their stuff/make them look bad.
  • They don’t want to waste the time writing a post pointing it out and maybe having to argue back and forth with retards online.

So that’s why I started this blog: tired of stupid shit getting undeserved praise and people not even daring to say something slightly negative about the stuff they still like despite the bad parts.

Good new is for the retards that like retarded shit is I say bad words so you can always go complain to your online friends (because you don’t have REAL friends) about how I said bad words and therefore ignore all the points I make.